A really interesting poetry blog – enjoyed this interview with Rachael Boast.


As a poet, if you cooperate with language you end up ‘saying things you didn’t know you were thinking.’ So claims the multi-award-winning poet Rachael Boast, in this interview with Suzannah V. Evans. But although poetry may emerge from somewhere unconscious, the course of their conversation draws to the surface Rachael’s life and works.

The discussion highlights the biographical background to some of her poetry, its close affinity with music and sound – and how Rachael’s breakthrough came after living in a crofter’s cottage with just a copy of Geoffrey Hill for company.

Photograph of St Andrews beach with a quote "So much of it happens on an unconscious level. It’s like I’m an instrument for the language." Photo credit: Suzannah V. Evans

Rachael reads three of her poems at the end: ‘Snow’, ‘Ranchera’ and ‘Attic’.

About the Interviewer

Suzannah V. Evans is a poet, editor, and critic. Her writing has appeared in the TLS, The London Magazine, Eborakon, The North, Coast to Coast to Coast, Time Present, New Welsh Review, and elsewhere. She…

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