24 Hours in Isolation – music, spoken word and drama

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Really excited to have been part of this project.

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24 hours in isolation

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24 Hours in Isolation

24 Hours in Isolation

24 hours. 28 stories. 24 episodes.

In music, spoken word and drama, these are the untold experiences of isolation.

Pleased to have a poem published on Good Dadhood

Good Dadhood

Broken Things

Dad works in a telecommunications factory
we are the only family in the street with a telephone.

Ring, ring, ring.
A shuffling of feet
shillings drop into the money jar

a desperate wish echoing in the hall
death comes to call.

People bring Dad broken things, electricals
he takes them apart with a screwdriver on the kitchen table
broken televisions, a wireless, cassette player.

He tries to find the broken heart
with a soldering iron and electric cable.

Rachel Burns was runner-up in the BBC Poetry Proms 2019 competition and her poem was broadcast on radio 3. Her debut poetry pamphlet, a girl in a blue dress is available from the Poetry Book Society and Vane Women Press.

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London Grip Poetry Review – Rachel Burns – A girl in a blue dress: by Carla Scarano


Very pleased with the London Grip  Poetry Review by Carla Scarano please find the link below – and a reminder that my book can be bought directly through this site or through my fantastic publisher –

Vane Women Press – a girl in a blue dress by Rachel Burns

It is also available to buy at Poetry Book Society A Girl in a Blue Dress by Rachel Burns

London Grip Poetry Review – Rachel Burns February 27, 2020 Poetry Review – A girl in a blue dress: Carla Scarano finds hard experiences open onto positive vision in these poems by Rachel Burns