Free Ecopoetry Workshop

The Ginkgo Prize: ‘Apricot Trees Exist’ FREE Workshop with Creative Future

Learn to recreate the landscapes of your past through colour, poetry & verse, taught by Rachel Burns.
“Now the sky is a cavern where withered birds will rot like fallen fruit . . . in our despairs we have made/a flowerless earth/sexless as chlorine.” Alphabet, Inger Christensen, translated by Susanna Nied.

County Durham was once dominated by coal mines. My grandfather was a miner his entire life; age fifteen crawling along coal seams in the dark. When we look at County Durham we see lush countryside. It’s easy to get caught up in a romantic idealistic notion of nature. I grew up in a time where open casting was in full swing. The landscape was black and grim. The street would flood with black water that ran down from the slag heaps.

During the Pandemic, like most people I took comfort in nature. My daily walk from my house down to the River Wear took on huge significance. I read Alphabet by Inger Christensen and began to write my own Alphabet.

In the first part of the workshop, we will share and discuss extracts from Alphabet. In the second part of the workshop, I will encourage participants to take a walk (both imaginatively and virtually) through the landscape of their childhoods in an attempt to view it differently.

Happening this Sunday, 12 December 2021, 18:45 – 20:45 GMT

New Poem published in REBEL TALK

Pleased to have a poem in the anthology REBEL TALK poems from the climate emergency edited by Rip Buckley

Rebel Talk: poems from the climate emergency (Paperback)

Rebel Talk, an anthology of poems responding to the climate crisis edited by Rip Bulkeley, designed by students at Oxford Brookes University, and published by Extinction Rebellion Oxford on 5 November 2021, price £10. The foreword was written by Philip Gross. Money raised will go to Extinction Rebellion Oxford. Copies can be bought from independent bookshops who should request it from Hive. Enquiries can be sent to

The Cry of the Poor

Pleased to have a poem in the anthology – The Cry of the Poor edited by Fran Lock & cover by Jane Burn

The Cry of the Poor
The Cry of the Poor: An Anthology of Radical Writing About Poverty, is selected and edited by Fran Lock, and features poetry, short stories, life-writing, essays and art by over one hundred contributors from around the world.

Link below to purchase a copy.